Don't code the boring parts.

Generate them instantly with one of the following:


React code base generator for landing pages or SaaS apps. Build up to 10x faster
- Lots of templates
- Chose your stack
- Material UI
- Stripe integration


Lets you to generate an Nestjs API GraphQL or REST and an admin interface react-admin
- Prisma ORM
- Authentication and authorization
- Open Source

Anima app

Generates React or Vue presentational components from Figma or Sketch
- Bootstrap, MUI, Recharts, and AntDesign
- Colaborate between designers and developers without handoffs
- Storybook integration in Beta

Not generated code solutions but also big time savers:


Node.js and react SaaS boilerplate
- Subscription Payments
- User onboarding flows
- Users & Authentication
- Social Logins
-and many more
- trusted by 400+ companies


Amazing website builder with lots of themes for product or SaaS landing pages
- flexible for development
- fast loading
- advanced SEO

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